Anti-Slavery/Underground Railroad in Lenawee County

The Anti-Slavery/Underground Railroad Exhibit recognizes Lenawee County's impact on the anti-slavery movement nationally and distinguishes between the anti-slavery movement (ending of slavery) and the Underground Railroad (subset of the antislavery movement where radical individuals actively broke Federal laws to assist slaves).

Lenawee Historical Society board members researched for years, with input from community members, while raising funding to cover the cost. Spaces to Experiences of Grand Rapids, Michigan designed and installed the exhibit space.

The exhibit showcases:

  • The roles local educational institutions had in the anti-slavery movement including the Raisin Institute, Woodstock Manual Labor Institute and Adrian College.
  • Key community members involved including: Laura Haviland, Prior Foster, Elizabeth Comstock and Asa Mahan.
  • The silk dress of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, founder of the Logan Female Antislavery Society. Silk was important because cotton would have been produced using slave labor.
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